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Concept artwork and promotional drawings for Greedy Bankers

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Download | Development History | Video | Screenshots | Installation Instructions | Version History

Greedy Bankers began life as a PC game as part of the Experimental Gameplay Project. The original version is still available as a free download for Windows users.


Installer Version
(For general users - installs required components automatically)

ZIP Portable Release
(Required components must be installed seperately - not XNA Deploy)

How to install


Development of the Prototype

Greedy Bankers began life as a Windows game for the Experimental Gameplay Project June/July theme, Casual Addiction. After toying with various ideas I eventually settled on a neat and simple puzzle game with neat presentation and lots of rewarding effects. The mouse-driven sliding tile mechanic was inspired by my earlier Shifty Trains, which had already proven fairly addictive, and the controls were smooth and intuitive.

Work on the iPhone version began in October 2010. The iOS version makes full use of the touch screen, making the experience even more smooth and tactile. It's greedy banking on the go!



Prototype screenshot

Prototype Screenshot

Prototype Screenshot

Installation Instructions (Windows)

Installer Version:

  • Download the .zip file from here
  • Extract the .zip file on your computer
  • Run the setup.exe file
  • Follow the instructions and the game will install
  • Find the University of Warwick folder on the Start menu, and run Greedy Bankers

Portable Version

  • Download the .zip file from here
  • Extract the file on your computer
  • Run the Greedy Bankers.exe file
  • IMPORTANT: You may need to install XNA Framework 3.1 and .NET Framework 3.5 for the game to run. These can be downloaded from here

Version History

  • (v0.3.3.0, November 2010) Improvements to dragging mechanics, addition of hints and pause function, Spooky Bankers bonus theme, implemented magic orb.
  • (v0.02, 19 July 2010) Added variable screen sizes so that the game can be played on any screen size, windowed or fullscreen. Also created installer version.
  • (v0.01, 13 July 2010) First release


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