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Concept artwork and promotional drawings for Greedy Bankers

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Greedy Bankers - If you can't beat them...

Greedy Bankers: Bailout! is available FREE for Apple® iPhone and iPod Touch®

Grab your own sky-high profits in this fast-paced puzzle arcade game! Greedy Bankers is a game of big risks and excessive rewards, but you'll need quick-thinking and strategy if you want an extortionate Banker's Bonus!

At last, the Greedy Bankers are giving you something for nothing!

Gameplay Video


The above video shows Greedy Bankers for iPhone in action!


Greedy bankers is a frantic arcade puzzle game. Coloured gems drop into your bank vault, and it's up to you to arrange them into like-coloured squares. Bigger shapes are worth more, but watch out! Sneaky robbers are here to steal your jewels, rubble is falling from the roof and blocking your path, and the greedy CEO demands more and more payment!

Greedy Bankers is easy to pick up, and highly intuitive, designed to make the best use of the touch screen possible. There's many layers of strategy to discover and master, so it's up to you to make the most excessive Banker's Bonus possible!

Infuriatingly addictive, maddeningly competitive, it's the satirical game of capitalist chaos!

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Available now on iPhone and iPod Touch

those greedy bankers are after your money!



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