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Videos - fast-paced iPhone action!

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Click on the screenshots for high-resolution versions! More screenshots can be found in the press pack.

Screenshot: Greedy Bankers on iPad

A banker strikes it rich - make target before the countdown ends!

Greedy Bankers for iPad - make big money!

Cash in your gems - the larger they get the more they're worth!

Watch out for traps! Use them to take on your friends!

Set up traps for your opponents. This one turns nearby gems into rubble. Watch out!

Beat the banker! Take on AI bankers in Story Mode!

Take on the gauntlet of banking professionals in Story Mode! Don't let them buy you out! Developer Alistair Aitcheson has put great effort into programming challenging AI opponents!


The following photographs were taken at the Warwick Game Design 48 Hour Competition, May 2011. Feedback from the event was crucial to making the multiplayer as frantic and balanced as it is today!

Warwick Game Design members try out the game

Sarah Marshall from Warwick Game Design takes on Phil Hazelden

Society President Sarah Marshall takes on fellow student Phil Hazelden

Alistair Aitcheson (left) testing the game

Greedy Bankers developer Alistair Aitcheson (left) tests the game with his brother, James


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