Greedy Bankers

if you can't beat them...

Downloading Prototype

Greedy Bankers Prototype should now download.

If the download does not run automatically, click here to download.

Spooky Bankers

For those of you who enjoyed the Halloween Spooky Bankers theme, you can still access the spooky theme in the new version by tapping F4 at any time.

Installation Instructions

Please note: Greedy Bankers requires Windows to run

  • Download the .zip file from here
  • Extract the .zip file on your computer
  • Run the setup.exe file
  • Follow the instructions and the game will install
  • Find the Aitcheson Games folder on the Start menu, and run Greedy Bankers

Version, 29th October 2010




Greedy Bankers copyright 2010 Alistair Aitcheson