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Concept artwork and promotional drawings for Greedy Bankers

Concept artwork and promotional drawings for Greedy Bankers

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Concept art and promotional drawings produced for Greedy Bankers for iPhone/iPad.

Creator Alistair Aitcheson wrote a blog post on the creative process behind the banker designs (20 Dec 2010). For gameplay images, see the Greedy Bankers Screenshots page.

Concept Drawings

Click on the drawings for a full-size version

A Greedy Banker falls as the markets crash!

The falling banker motif was partly inspired by Mad Men, and was adapted for the loading sequence for the game.

A Greedy Banker gets robbed by a Sneaky Robber!

Coming up with the Banker designs was difficult, as it was important to come up with simple and recognisable traits to identify them as Bankers. The monocle and coat-full-of-dollars are used in the final designs in the game.

The bank robbers reprised their roles as villains from the prototype.

The bank vault, where the bankers' bonuses are stored!

The bank vault image was used in the iPhone game for the title screen background. Watch out for the animated steel doors!

Greedy Bankers chasing a sneaky robber!

Two different banker designs shown with the robber. I love those cheeky characters!

Character Art

After the concept art had been developed, I realised the characters, settling on the two strongest and most contrasting banker designs. Each one is posed differently for use at different times in the game.

A grumpy Greedy BankerA laughing Greedy BankerA proud Greedy BankerAn impatient Greedy Banker

The fat-cat CEO ended up with the monocle, and was given a flashy red waistcoat.

Ker-ching! said the Greedy Banker A greedy banker gets a big bonusA go-getting greedy bankerAn astonished Greedy Banker!An impatient Greedy Banker

The young go-getter intern kept much of the design from the falling banker poster, but was given a coat full of cash, like the banker getting robbed in the concept art.


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