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Greedy Bankers and Greedy Bankers vs The World were developed by UK independent developer Alistair Aitcheson. The developer runs a one-man game development studio, and was recently selected for Develop Magazine's 30 Under 30 spotlight.

The iPad version of the game was selected as a finalist in the Eurogamer Expo Indie Games Arcade.

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"Will have you screaming at the top of your voice with gleeful frustration"
Bits 'n' Bytes Gaming

"An absolutely fantastic puzzle game... The multiplayer is one of the best on iOS devices."
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Grab your own sky-high profits in this fast-paced puzzle arcade game! Greedy Bankers is a game of big risks and excessive rewards - the ultimate fast-paced and mind-bending matching game for opportunistic iPhone owners!

Greedy Bankers vs The World takes on the mantle of its iPhone predecessor and offers a competitive puzzle-strategy frenzy where cheating and stealing are the order of the day.

Remember, if you can't beat them, join them!

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About Greedy Bankers

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Screenshots of the game on iPhone and PC

Videos - fast-paced iPhone action!

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Out Soon on iPad: Greedy Bankers vs the World!

Play Greedy Bankers and take on the league of evil bankers!


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